Rare Black diamonds are transformed into Face Serum

Diamond has been used as a luxurious jewelry to support the appearance. But now, diamonds began venturing into the world of beauty.

Apparently, beauty treatments with diamond is claimed to make the skin become more radiant and sparkling. How do I?

Quoted from Dailymail, recently there is a face serum products made ​​of rare black diamonds are mashed. Named the ‘Black Diamond Energizing Serum’, the product is able to soften and brighten the skin.

Not only that, this facial serum is also claimed to eliminate wrinkles, and camouflage signs of aging. Therefore, black diamonds contain a property that increase the supply of collagen in the skin.

Collagen is an important formula that keeps skin firm and slow the appearance of frown lines. Including, brighten the skin by helping even out the color and complexity increases.

Black diamonds are also known as Carbonado, which is able to convert ultraviolet light invisible to the naked eye to be light blue or Photo-luminescence. The beam can be spread to the entire surface of the skin and creates a bright bluish skin.

Black diamond types used are black diamonds from Central Africa and Brazil. Serum is also made ​​of sapphire stone particles that can soften the skin, as well as marine algae and salt is known as a natural anti-aging skin.

“Our Serum is unique because we have managed to harness the power of rare black diamonds for the first time,” said a specialist skincare BeautyLab.

In clinical trials, approximately 1,000 women who use black diamond serum is said that the fine lines and wrinkles is reduced by approximately 65% within 28 days. Current face serum is sold only on site selling beauty products in the UK, BeautyLab for £ 90 or about USD 1.100 for a 30ml bottle size. Reportedly, the waiting list purchase this facial serum has reached 4,000 people.