Tips on Choosing Gifts Make Boyfriend: Just A Special For him

Being someone who lives in the presence of the special features definitely make things beautiful. Another effect that always appear when this inflated sense of perch is the desire to always make it feel more special and certainly make him happy.

One way to make a couple happy is to give it a surprise. Gift for her current boyfriend’s birthday is one of the surprises we can make that connection always run smoothly.

No need to be given the evidence, a lot of things you can do to make the girlfriend or lover feel special and it would be too much to spend if you had to describe the page and make a list of anything that could warm relationship.

One way to make him feel special is to give a present for my boyfriend on his birthday with the goods in accordance with the wishes of her boyfriend. Only a special on the day that is also special.

However, often times we are confused to choose a present for a boyfriend or anything surprise for her boyfriend. Of course we want the best things will be given to him, which will imprint and will never forget. And because of this special day over and over every year, over and also confused us to determine what we can give to her boyfriend.

Slurppp … Ipoh White Coffee original fragrance!

Cafe this one started with a simple coffee shop aka kopitiam. Flagship beverage, white coffee which lately popular among coffee lovers. Want diminium warm, cold, or blended with whipped cream topping slurpp … as good. Come on, coffee!

Cafe on the corner of a strip mall in the area of ​​Alam Sutra is almost never lonely every weekend. Although not quite a coffee enthusiast but I am quite curious about the name ‘white coffee’ on the front of the cafe. Moreover, the ‘white coffee’ is being widely diperbincangan and popular lately. So, while back there I decided to stop by.

That afternoon OldTown White Coffee’s in the underlying floor Living World mall was almost full. Because you want to enjoy a leisurely coffee, I deliberately chose one of the tables in the corner. White Coffee is known comes from Ipoh, Perak. The term ‘white coffee’ is aimed at coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk, or fresh milk or diary creamer. This is to distinguish the ‘black coffee’ or brewed black coffee.

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3 Benefits Toner For Oily Skin

Use toner to get rid of the remnants of functioning soap residue, grease and dirt from the face that may remain after cleansing with soap or cleansing milk. Toner also prepares the skin to better absorb the optimal follow-up care (serum or moisturizer).

However, the toner is not recommended for dry skin. Can further dry skin afterwards. Its content was suitable for the oily skin. This is the benefit of toner for oily skin:

1. Reducing Oil
For oily skin can use toner mengurasi existing sebum on the skin. Use an alcohol-free toner, so that the natural oils on the skin are not eroded. However, the skin still needs the natural oils to maintain skin elasticity.

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Hmm … Most Fragrant Cinnamon Roll as Jakarta!

In Indonesia, cinnamon is commonly used in cooking. However, in Western countries, the herb is widely used in food or sugary drinks like cinnamon roll. This alloy also turned out delicious!

Cinnamon roll is a circular bread with a sprinkling of cinnamon powder in between the circles. That said, originally from Sweden, where on October 4, celebrated as kanelbullens dag (the cinnamon roll).

Bread is also called cinnamon bun, cinnamon swirl, or cinnamon snail is popular in Northern Europe and North America. His name is different, but his form is almost the same. Diameter varies from 5 to 10 cm.

Cinnamon roll bread made from dough made from wheat flour, sugar, eggs and butter. The dough is flattened with a rolling pin (rolling pastry). After thinly buttered, cinnamon and powdered sugar sprinkled on it. The dough is then rolled into a cylinder, then cut crosswise into slices and baked the rolls facing up.

Not many people sell cinnamon roll in Jakarta. The most famous is Saint Cinnamon, a Canadian shop that has opened many outlets in the capital. Here, cinnamon roll original sold for $ 1 per piece.

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7 Signs Your Make-up Supplies Expiration

Not just the food alone that have an expiration date, but also cosmetic supplies also have a time limit of usage. To dispose of expired makeup though still quite a lot of things that make you sad.

But cosmetics store fixtures that are not suitable to be used can also have adverse effects on your beauty. The following are the characteristics that make up is not worth taking:

1. Mascara
Macara tube sealed a place to breed bacteria that can cause infections, such as red eye. Sniff is the easy way to do to find out your mascara is worth taking or not. If already expired, then you will menimnbulkan mascara foul odor. So you should replace your mascara every three to four months.

2. Liquid Foundation
Discoloration of the tube of liquid foundation makeup proves that the equipment you already expired. Most liquid foundation last about a year, while oil-based foundation can last up to 18 months. If your foundation liquid turns into rougher texture, it can be resolved by pouring a few drops of alcohol-free toner.

3. Concealers
Concealers are sold in the market has two types, liquid and stick concelaers concelaers. Liquid concealers can last about one year, with a different stick concelaers that can last for two years. Carefully examine the changes in color and texture to your concealers.

You also have to pay attention when hands should be clean up. Avoid using makeup tools coupled with others to avoid infection.

4. Lipstick
Lipstick is dry and the changing texture indicates that it is not proper to use again. However, there are some brands of lipstick has a dry formula so confusing you for mengindetifikasinya. The best way to do is to kiss her. If it smells stale or unpleasant, then you better buy a new one.

5. Eyeliner
Using eyeliner can make eyes look more beautiful. But that expired eyeliner will not support your appearance. If at the end of the eyeliner there are white patches that can not be eliminated and texture change due to dry, then it is time you throw it away and replace with a new one.

6. Blush
Rosy cheeks which is supporting in appearance. In order for your makeup up, do not use a blush that is not worth taking. The characteristics of blush on the change of date is a dull color and texture changes. Type blush blushes tend to be much longer than in the form of cream. In order for your long lasting blush, blush brush wipe after each use and store dark place.

7. Eye Shadow
To find out if your eye shadow is still in prime condition is bad or can be known of the change in color and smell. Get used to dress up with clean hands and always remember to replace the eye shadow every 2-3 months.

Turmeric, Natural Remedy to Prevent Wrinkles & Acne

Besides handy as a kitchen spice, turmeric turns out to have many benefits for the beauty that has been used since ancient times. Turmeric can be an alternative option for a cheap and natural beauty of your skin. What are the benefits of turmeric for beauty, summarized below:

1. Reduce Skin Pigmentation
The content of vitamin C contained in turmeric can stimulate skin renewal and helps brighten skin. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder and lemon juice and apply on face as a mask to help combat your skin pigmentation.

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Easy Ways to Make Delicious Donuts and Soft

275 g flour
2 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp baking soda
100 g sugar
2 chicken eggs, beaten
50 g butter, melted
125 ml milk, stirring with ½ tbsp lime juice
150 g potatoes, peeled, steamed, mashed
cooking oil

How to make:
Mix all dry ingredients together. Make a hole in the middle. Add the eggs and melted butter while stirring until blended. Pour the milk a little while knead until smooth. Add potatoes smooth, stirring until dough is not sticky to the touch. Form dough into balls or form a ring. Fried in lots of oil over low heat until amber donut. Remove and drain. white spread with margarine and sprinkle with grated cheese on top give ptongan cherry or according to taste. For 16 pieces. Good luck

Disney villain Inspired Make-up Collection Latest

Disney re-launched a collection with MAC cosmetics. This collection takes inspiration from Disney evil characters, such as the ‘Evil Queen’ of the story ‘Snow White’ and ‘Ursula’ of the story ‘Little Mermaid’.

Cosmetics collection was named ‘Designer Disney Villains’ and will be launched in September. According to the Disney Store Hardlines Director, John Bale, cosmetics Designer Disney Villains will look different and stylish.

“Collection of ‘Designer Disney Villains’ look unique, stylish, and fashionable, inspired by the iconic character,” he said. Make evil characters as inspiration in the manufacture of cosmetics is not a first for Disney. Previously, the U.S. company of cosmetics’ve never eject evil character in the year 2010. But that apart, this new collection present more complete.

Latest makeup collection that includes three lip colors inspired from ‘Cruella de Vil’, ‘The Queen of Hearts’ from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and ‘the Evil Queen’. Besides lipgloss, Disney completes the collection with a six-color eye shadow palette and nail polish set contains six colors, ranging from red to pink Cruella possession of Ursula.

Latest makeup collection that includes three lip colors inspired from Cruella de Vil, the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, and the Evil Queen. Besides lipgloss, Disney completes the collection with a six-color eye shadow palette and nail polishes contain a set of six colors, ranging from Cruella’s flaming red color to Ursula’s oyster pink.

“Our design team has created a very beautiful collection, latest, and draw from classic Disney Villains,” says Balen.

This collection of more beautiful by packing a set of boxes make up the look of the four legendary figures in the world of Disney, which is ‘The Evil Queen’, ‘Dr. Facilier’ from ‘The Princess and the Frog’, and the last character of the most glamorous, Cruella de Vil .

Coconut oil can Moisturize Skin To Overcome Acne

Coconut oil or coconut oil is known to have many benefits, including the function for beauty. The natural oils to moisturize dry skin to treat acne. Do not stop there, here are some other benefits of coconut oil for the skin.

1. Make Up Remover
Coconut oil it can be used to remove makeup on the face. It’s easy, pour the coconut oil in the palm of your hand, rub it evenly on your face and be careful not to get in eyes. After that, rinse your face with warm water and a towel. Coconut oil is a natural substance that could safely be used to clean your face, without any side effects.

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Got a Black Spots on Face? Make-up Disguise with It

Exposure to sunlight and pollution can cause black spots on the face. It is a frequent problem faced by Indonesian women. Many are willing issuing a lot of money for treatment.

Unfortunately, the process takes time to achieve results that cool. If you want instant results because they have to attend important events, make-up is a way out. Consider the choice of makeup can hide the black spots below.

Make-up Primer
Applying make-up primer or peach based to cover the dark spots on your face, no matter how dark the area. Look for dimethicone based  because it serves to moisturize and prevent Irritation of the skin. Based very useful addition to camouflage pores and scars.

Foundation that will help you balance the right skin tone and conceal dark spots on the face. Choose a foundation with silica powder because it can brighten dark sections with many minerals contained therein.

Concealer with hyaluronic acid component, glycerin, vitamin E antoiksidan and will cover the dark spots on your face perfectly. Additionally concealer can soften and moisturize your skin.

Tinted moisturizer
If you are quite busy so did not have time to put on the stages of make-up, wear a tinted moisturizer. Look for a moisturizer that contains vitamin C and E that in addition to covering the black stains but are also useful for rejuvenating the skin.