Good Food Consumed For Skin Beauty

A healthy and nutritious diet can help us get the body and beautiful skin, healthy and ideal. If you want clear skin and smooth, assistant professor of clinical dermatology expert in Los Angeles, Jessica Wu, advocate for healthy foods that have the same effect with all of the cream is applied to your skin. What food are they? Consider the following:

1. Tomatoes
Tomato is one of the best friend for your skin protection. This fruit contains a powerful antioxidant called lycopene. Although there are no studies that actually prove it, but many say that the suggestion that lycopene protects our skin from the adverse effects of sunlight.

Lycopene can be completely absorbed by the body when it is cooked or have passed the results of reprocessing. So eat tomato sauce or tomato paste rather than eat it straight away because it can protect the skin from sun radiation. Lycopene is also easily soluble in fat, so eat tomatoes along with a protein such as eggs, avocado and tomato olive oil that is more soluble and digestible by the body.

2. Red Meat
Food is often a frightening specter because they contain too much fat and high cholesterol. However, according to Dr. Wu in his book Feed Your Face Favorite Food, red meat good for health because it contains a lot of zinc face and also protein. Similarly interesting facts ditemukakan in recent studies that red meat is better in curing acne than antibiotics. To produce collagen, the skin requires amino acids glycine and proline.

Red meat has a high protein is best for both mengkonsentrat amino acids. Mineral zinc is also an important factor for the production of collagen and natural anti-inflammatory. However, for you vegetarians, not to worry because zinc is also found in seafood, while proline can be found in cheese and cabbage. Content of zinc found in lentils, kidney beans and raw oysters.

3. Green tea
It is no secret that green tea contains anti-oxidants. Green tea has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging are both due to its high konstrasinya catechin compounds. A wide range of studies have also shown that green tea good for consumption or used as outdoor use to protect skin from the effects of sunburn and skin cancer caused by the adverse effects of sunlight.

The research also revealed that consuming a glass of green tea twice a day over a period of six months, to keep us from skin damage caused by excessive sunlight, or skin rash problems and rupture of capillaries.

4. Green Beans
Go green lifestyle has begun to be lived and grown in developing countries today. Green beans are also low in calories can make hair grow thicker and also grow healthy nails. The green beans are good food because it contains silicon, but is meant here is not quite the silicon used in plastic surgery.

Although USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) recommends itself yet how much the consumption of green beans that are needed in every day, of late research found that taking 10 mg of green beans every day, can make hair and nails grow stronger and healthier. USDA also recommends organic green beans because the food derived from silicon containing more land than non-organic green beans. For those who do not like green beans, you can replace it with a mineral water derived from volcanic mountains containing 14.5 mg of silicon per liter.

5. Walnut
Usually we only know that the salmon has omega-3 content is high, but it turns out walnuts or walnut is also one of the sprouts are high in omega-3 content. If you include people who are concerned about skin problems such as redness, swelling of the skin, acne or wrinkles, pistachios are a good friend to the skin. Natural omega-3 content contained in a walnut is one of the good anti-inflammatory, which can lock the humidity the skin, and protect it from the chemicals and toxins that are harmful to the skin.

6. Yoghurt
Yogurt is a natural anti probiotics that can help produce good bacteria back in the body and maintain digestive health. Eating bacteria is very good for people who have digestive problems or if you are prone to skin problems such as mold. Yogurt is also good for healthy skin and fight skin problems such as acne, eczema and can also eliminate dandruff. Choose low fat yogurt and low sugar, because of the high sugar content will only exacerbate inflammation. However, if you suffer from an allergy to milk, he recommends probiotic supplements as a replacement.