In order for Clear & Glowing Skin

To get skin brighter, white and luminous, is not enough just to cleanse your face regularly. It takes extra care to make the skin become more lustrous. Here are some steps.

White water
The first and foremost rule for glowing skin is to meet the water intake in the body. Water can cleanse the system and help the body retain moisture longer.

“Drink a glass of water before going to bed and prepare a bottle of water near the bed to prevent dehydration in the evening,” Bharti said, as quoted by the daily mail.

Exfoliating or removing dead skin with a scrub is very important to get a smooth face free of blackheads and brighten the face. Every two or three days with a facial scrub scrub. Do not do srub every day because it can make skin irritation.

Cleansing Mask
Use a mask cleanser (cleansing mask) face two times a week in order to clean up. Cleansing mask function to get rid of dead skin and dirt that can not be cleaned with ordinary soap or cleanser lotion.

“Cleansing mask also helps eliminate dullness and absorb excess oil. So skin feels fresh and clean down to the pores,” added Bharti.

After using a moisturizer or day cream, do not forget to use sunblock. Sunblock can not make your face be bright, but it can prevent the onset of skin darkening and dark spots caused by the sun. Use a sunblock with a minimum SPF 15.

Night Cream
Facials are not just up in the morning, at night no need facial treatments. Air conditioner scrape the skin moisture, so use night cream is very important to keep your skin hydrated. In order to face a brighter, use a night cream that contains such luminaries AHA and Vitamin C.