Quick Make-up Tips When waking up late

When waking up late makes you so hurry and do not have time bermake-up. Though that day may you be sued to appear neat and vibrant.

Rather than be forced to use the whole make-up, but the result is actually a mess, should you need to know how to make-up tricks quickly and only use products that are important. Which include:

1. Forgot Wear Mascara
Do not worry when forget to use mascara. Pulaskan water on the eyelids and tap-tap to the top of your lashes. This way for more slender eyelashes.

2. As Lipstick Eyeshadow
Eyeshadow is more difficult to apply because the powder tekturnya. You can replace with a daub of lipstick eyeshadow on the eyelids.

3. lip
If your lips are very dry and flaky, pulaskan water and moisturizer to hydrate lips. Not only to moisturize, use a moisturizer to soften the lips.

4. cheek
Besides can be used as eyeshadow, lipstick can also be used to make cheeks blushed like using blush on. Pulaskan lipstick on cheeks, smooth color using three fingers (index, middle and ring fingers).

Tips to Overcome Acne skin ahead of Menstruation

Many factors that can cause acne, but generally acne in women menstrual arise ahead. That happens because the hormones are not senimbang condition, which causes excess production of oil and grease. Acne due to hormonal factors may also arise during puberty and pregnancy. To prevent and resolve, consider the following tip:

1. Prevent
Prevention is better than cure. Not only to disease in the body alone, the message also applies to skin diseases such as acne. For it, before the hair should apply acne cream or more diligent cleansing with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

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Milk consumption in Women Affects IQ Children Born

Organic food consumed is not always good for pregnant women, such as milk. The team of researchers from the UK found that organic milk contains very little iodine, a mineral that is essential for brain development in children.

Pregnant women need about 250 mg of iodine per day. The best source of iodine found in milk, yogurt, and fish, so many health experts recommend that pregnant women consume at least two servings of fish a week and three servings of dairy products a day. Unfortunately, the content of iodine in organic milk is much less than full-fat milk.

The presence of iodine itself helps produce a hormone made by the thyroid gland which has a direct effect on fetal brain development. In addition to groceries, iodine intake from supplements was also met with a content of 140 mg of iodine.

Researchers from the University of Surrey and Bristol in the UK examined the levels of iodine in the urine samples of 1,040 women during the first three months of pregnancy. Two-thirds of participants were found to have iodine deficiency.

In a statement she said that iodine deficiency 60 percent greater risk of having children who have a verbal IQ test scores, reading accuracy, and reading comprehension is much lower than women with higher levels of iodine fitted with international standard. These findings were published medical journal The Lancet.

“Our results show the importance of sufficient iodine during early pregnancy and the risk of iodine deficiency can reinforce memeperlambat fetal development. This is true even in countries that have an average of mild iodine deficiency, “said Professor Margaret Rayman.

The research team suggests more women who are pregnant and breastfeeding must ensure their diet contains the best sources of natural iodine.

“I do not recommend pregnant women take supplements of seaweed (kelp) because it tends to contain excess iodine content that could be harmful,” said Dr. Sarah Bath as a team of writers.

Make-up Application Tricks For The Dark Skin For More Fresh Faces

Has dark skin does not mean there can look beautiful and attractive. See Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Rihanna or Jessica Alba is still looking fresh despite not having white skin type.

The right make-up can make dark skin look more glowy, exotic and fresh. Follow make-up application tips below to your dark-skinned.

1. Foundation
Use a foundation with the colors of the younger levels of your skin. Do not ever think to whiten your skin by wearing
foundation that is too light. It actually makes you like wearing a mask. Finish by applying powder.

2. Consider Cosmetics Containing Oil
If your skin is dark, use a matte foundation because it does not contain oil so it does not make your face ‘shiny’. Dark skin and shiny even make your face look dull.

3. Choose Lipstick Color for Concentrated
For those of you who have tanned skin, choose lipstick shades of cinnamon, dusty pink, or dark peach. If your skin is darker, burgundy, plum, or bronze could be an alternative option.

4. Blush-on
Do not be afraid to daub blush. Choice of a suitable color for the exotic skin is orange, peach or purplish brown. Little sweep of bronzer on cheekbones, nose and forehead will make your exotic skin looks radiant.

4 Mistakes When Acne Skin Care

Acne does interfere with the overall appearance. Many people who perform a variety of treatments to tackle acne, but if you really want your treatment for this is correct?

Many women are wrong in treating the skin. Instead of a smooth face, but more and more acne. Quoted from becomegorgeous, following the four most common mistakes made when caring for acne prone skin.

1. Squeezing Pimples
When inflamed pimples, squeezing with any tool is not recommended. In addition to making acne infection, can also leave stains and scarring after a recovered later. Squeeze acne, especially using unhygienic hands actually make the bacteria spread faster and acne is greatly increased.

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Be careful, Plastic Packaging Causes High Blood Pressure in Children

Be careful using plastic containers for baby food or beverages. A group of U.S. scientists said that the chemical phthalate in plastic trigger metabolic and hormonal abnormalities.

Phthalate or DEHP is a colorless substance that is odorless and is used to soften PVC. Phthalate added to plastics to increase flexibility, transparency, strength, and ketahananannya. The substances contained in plastic cups and food containers, floor coatings, up beach ball.

Analysis of nearly 3,000 children showed that exposure to DEHP resulted in higher systolic blood pressure (the pressure in the vessel size arteries when the heart beats).

“Phthalate may block the function of heart cells and cause oxidative stress that endanger the health of the arteries,” said Dr. Leonardo Trasande, associate professor of pediatrics at the Langone Medical Center New York University, USA.

The research team noted only a slight increase in blood pressure per child in every three-fold increase in levels of phthalates were detected in urine samples of children. Nevertheless, the broad implications of the significant changes this small.

“This increase does not seem to stand out at an individual level. However, at the population level, changes in blood pressure can increase the number of children with high blood pressure substantially,” said Trasande.

Trasande added, not just the foods that trigger obesity causes heart disease. Environmental factors could also be part of the problem. “This is important because exposure to phthalates can be controlled through regulation and behavioral interventions,” he said.

According Trasande, necessary policy initiatives to limit exposure to hazardous chemicals. This step combined with the application of a healthy diet and behavior to protect cardiovascular health.

The study, published in the Journal of Pediatrics is the result of cooperation of researchers from Langone Medical Center New York University, University of Washington, and Penn State University School of Medicine.

Good Food Consumed For Skin Beauty

A healthy and nutritious diet can help us get the body and beautiful skin, healthy and ideal. If you want clear skin and smooth, assistant professor of clinical dermatology expert in Los Angeles, Jessica Wu, advocate for healthy foods that have the same effect with all of the cream is applied to your skin. What food are they? Consider the following:

1. Tomatoes
Tomato is one of the best friend for your skin protection. This fruit contains a powerful antioxidant called lycopene. Although there are no studies that actually prove it, but many say that the suggestion that lycopene protects our skin from the adverse effects of sunlight.

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NASA Funds to Provide Food Production 3D Printer

NASA recently announced that it has funded the construction of a 3D food printer is the first in the world. This step is done to provide the best nutritional solution for the astronauts in outer space and the problem of hunger in the world.

NASA gave $ 125,000 to the firm 3D Printer Systems and Materials Research Corporation (SMRC) for universal food synthesizer. People who managed to build this printer is Anjan Contractor, as the founder of SMRC.

NASA investment is done because the 3D food printer is considered as a solution to transport large amounts of nutrients into space. But, according to Anjan, the machine can also be very useful to help solve the problem of world food crisis.

“Many economists think that the current food system will not be sufficient to meet the food needs of 12 million people in the world. So eventually we did have to change the perception of what we see as the food, “said Anjan.

Some argue that designs can be developed standard kitchen appliances in homes. So that the family can just print their food rather than waste time trying to make a dish.

The printer prints a dish using the ‘ink’ which consisted of powder and oils that contain all the nutrients needed for a healthy diet. The food ingredients sprayed to form several layers that eventually form a three-dimensional food.

Anjan add the contents of ‘ink’ the printers will not expire within a period of 30 years. Can only be recharged when the time is completely depleted. Once the engine proved to be fully operational, Anjan will test the machine to make pizza.

“The pizza dough is printed first, then basic tomato sauce, followed by topping a layer of protein,” added Anjan.

Rare Black diamonds are transformed into Face Serum

Diamond has been used as a luxurious jewelry to support the appearance. But now, diamonds began venturing into the world of beauty.

Apparently, beauty treatments with diamond is claimed to make the skin become more radiant and sparkling. How do I?

Quoted from Dailymail, recently there is a face serum products made ​​of rare black diamonds are mashed. Named the ‘Black Diamond Energizing Serum’, the product is able to soften and brighten the skin.

Not only that, this facial serum is also claimed to eliminate wrinkles, and camouflage signs of aging. Therefore, black diamonds contain a property that increase the supply of collagen in the skin.

Collagen is an important formula that keeps skin firm and slow the appearance of frown lines. Including, brighten the skin by helping even out the color and complexity increases.

Black diamonds are also known as Carbonado, which is able to convert ultraviolet light invisible to the naked eye to be light blue or Photo-luminescence. The beam can be spread to the entire surface of the skin and creates a bright bluish skin.

Black diamond types used are black diamonds from Central Africa and Brazil. Serum is also made ​​of sapphire stone particles that can soften the skin, as well as marine algae and salt is known as a natural anti-aging skin.

“Our Serum is unique because we have managed to harness the power of rare black diamonds for the first time,” said a specialist skincare BeautyLab.

In clinical trials, approximately 1,000 women who use black diamond serum is said that the fine lines and wrinkles is reduced by approximately 65% within 28 days. Current face serum is sold only on site selling beauty products in the UK, BeautyLab for £ 90 or about USD 1.100 for a 30ml bottle size. Reportedly, the waiting list purchase this facial serum has reached 4,000 people.

3 Benefits Toner For Oily Skin

Use toner to get rid of the remnants of functioning soap residue, grease and dirt from the face that may remain after cleansing with soap or cleansing milk. Toner also prepares the skin to better absorb the optimal follow-up care (serum or moisturizer).

However, the toner is not recommended for dry skin. Can further dry skin afterwards. Its content was suitable for the oily skin. This is the benefit of toner for oily skin:

1. Reducing Oil
For oily skin can use toner mengurasi existing sebum on the skin. Use an alcohol-free toner, so that the natural oils on the skin are not eroded. However, the skin still needs the natural oils to maintain skin elasticity.

2. Shrink pores
The content of the toner can shrink pores, thus giving the impression of smoother face. In addition, excess toner is to remove all residual cleanser that remains on the skin. Moreover, while it is lazy to clean make-up, the toner can be relied upon to lift makeup. But of course not as effective as face soap.

3. Refresh
Toner greatly serves to freshen the face instantly. When you wake up still feeling sleepy and tired, toner into a product that helps to awaken your skin, so they can come back fresh.