Slurppp … Ipoh White Coffee original fragrance!

Cafe this one started with a simple coffee shop aka kopitiam. Flagship beverage, white coffee which lately popular among coffee lovers. Want diminium warm, cold, or blended with whipped cream topping slurpp … as good. Come on, coffee!

Cafe on the corner of a strip mall in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAlam Sutra is almost never lonely every weekend. Although not quite a coffee enthusiast but I am quite curious about the name ‘white coffee’ on the front of the cafe. Moreover, the ‘white coffee’ is being widely diperbincangan and popular lately. So, while back there I decided to stop by.

That afternoon OldTown White Coffee’s in the underlying floor Living World mall was almost full. Because you want to enjoy a leisurely coffee, I deliberately chose one of the tables in the corner. White Coffee is known comes from Ipoh, Perak. The term ‘white coffee’ is aimed at coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk, or fresh milk or diary creamer. This is to distinguish the ‘black coffee’ or brewed black coffee.

The menus offered coffee at the back of the menu. There OldTown White Coffee Gao, OldTown’s Nan Yang – O (black coffee), OldTown White Coffee Cham that can be ordered cold or hot. While for its blend of coffee there OldTown White Coffee Hazelnut, OldTown White Coffee Signature Freeze, and OldTown White Coffee Mocha Frezee and many more. Besides coffee, there are Malaysian-style food like laksa, nasi lemak, until light snack such as toast, samosa, spring roll, etc..

OldTown White Coffee is a coffee shop franchise from Malaysia. OldTown brand has been around since 1958 in Ipoh, Perak. The owner is said to have recently opened its first coffee shop is White Cafe in 1999. OldTown White Coffee new name emerged around 2005 by combining the concept of coffee shops in Ipoh and brand of OldTown.

The weather was sultry afternoon made me decide to order OldTown White Coffee – C and OldTown White Coffee Mocha Freeze. Arguably for the price of drinks in the cafe is pretty standard, about $ 1 – $ 4 Because the company did not want the dish too heavy, my own book rich toast while my friend chose the Fried Prawn Noodle in the books menu looks pretty tempting indeed.

Although quite crowded, our orders arrived not too long. OldTown White Coffee – C served in a tall glass of chocolate milk colored. If this Malaysian white coffee originated from the Chinese in the 19th century brought by Chinese immigrants who came to Ipoh. The uniqueness of Ipoh white coffee is roasted with palm-oil margarine to give a lighter color.

OldTown White Coffee flavor-C my order is not so strong, perhaps because of the milk mixture. Similarly, OldTown White Coffee Mocha Freeze at-coffee blend to produce fresh ice. Those who are not too fond of strong coffee, white coffee feels this could be an option.

Aka rich bread toast srikaya made from brown bread and spread with a thin burnt sugar apple butter. Srikayanya not too sweet, although thin bread. A plate of toast just two slices of bread, so hungry for a serving that’s not going to be enough. Unfortunately, fried noodles that we look forward to a little disappointing.

The interface is a bit doughy fried noodles with a mixture of various sefood such as eggs, fish ball, and kale. Top there are two pieces of fried shrimp wrapped in flour. Minya little wet, but it seems less so kick on the tongue. But the portions are pretty much so-so as a booster hunger. Double serving of Kaya Toast priced $ 2 to $ 6 for fried noodles.

Because I had fallen in love with the freshness of the coffee and the atmosphere, I definitely will stop by again to try another coffee option offered in OldTown White Coffee. How, no one wants to follow ngupi this afternoon?

OldTown White Coffee
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