Sound Damaged by Smithers Glass in Sandwich, singer sues McDonald’s

Find a hair in the food we eat may already frequent. However, a woman in New York, United States, found shards of glass in a sandwich that he ate. And he claims his voice was damaged because of the incident.

Jacqueline Simpson filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s. He said that the sandwich containing broken glass from McDonald’s near the World Trade Center in May 2010.

This church singer complained, since the incident his voice became hoarse and vibrating. And he can no longer sing soprano as before. In fact, the 52-year-old woman claimed the people on the phone one suspected that he was a man.

Paul Goodman, owner and operator of several McDonald’s restaurants in Manhattan, said that he was studying the claim. And he acted immediately and began an investigation to gather facts related to the case.

“Rest assured that I take the issue very seriously. Providing food and beverages are safe is a top priority in my restaurant. Due to the pending legal matter, it is not right if I comment further,” he wrote via email.

This is not the first time McDonald’s U.S. got complaints due to foreign objects contained in the grain. Previously, Katherine Oklahoma Ashowo origin claimed that he swallowed razor-sharp piece of plastic in a McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies.

The plastic hurt his throat and made ​​him bleed before Ashowo could throw up. He only asked for an apology from McDonald’s and no plans to cast the demands related incident.