What to Do & Avoid to Keep Eyes Healthy

Too long staring at computer screens, TVs and cell phones can cause strain on the eyes. If you do not rest your eyes and lack of nutrition, the eye can lose its ability to see well.


There are several ways you can do to improve eye health. Ie with a diet and a healthy lifestyle. Important things to do and avoid:

1. Complete Nutrition
Vision will get better if you eat a healthy and balanced nutrition. Inadequate intake of protein, vitamins and minerals every day which is present in vegetables and fruits. Spinach, carrots and tomatoes are some good types of vegetables consumed. As for the healthy protein, you can get from nuts or fish.

2. Leave Bad Habits
Some bad habits can create eye strain and reduce visibility. Avoid reading in low light places. Should not watch TV while lying down and in the dark room. Get used to not stare at the phone screen in the dark because it will make the eyes work harder to adapt to bright light.

3. Do not Drink Too Much Water in the Morning
Dr.. Bharti explained, “The second mistake most people do is drink a lot of water in the morning, because a lot written in the book can cleanse the digestive system.”

But drinking too much water at once can increase the strain on the eyes and if done continuously will increase the risk of glaucoma (blindness slowly). Enough to drink a glass of water in the morning and drink it mouthful by mouthful. Not all at once.

4. Use Eyeliner
Be careful in using eyeliner. Eyeliner should only be used outside the line of the eye, not the inside. This is to avoid eye infection if the tip eyeliner unhygienic. Therefore always keep the cleanliness of your makeup tools. Clean the tip eyeliner with tisue, or the look on a regular basis if your eyeliner pencil shaped.

5. Do not Clean Eye with Ordinary Water
When washing the face, usually you will also splashed water on his eyes. Stop the habit of now. Tap water or ground water may contain bacteria that can enter the eye when you clean your face. This can cause irritation. Close your eyes while washing your face with water, unless you are using a mineral water that has been sterilized.

In order for Clear & Glowing Skin

To get skin brighter, white and luminous, is not enough just to cleanse your face regularly. It takes extra care to make the skin become more lustrous. Here are some steps.

White water
The first and foremost rule for glowing skin is to meet the water intake in the body. Water can cleanse the system and help the body retain moisture longer.

“Drink a glass of water before going to bed and prepare a bottle of water near the bed to prevent dehydration in the evening,” Bharti said, as quoted by the daily mail.

Exfoliating or removing dead skin with a scrub is very important to get a smooth face free of blackheads and brighten the face. Every two or three days with a facial scrub scrub. Do not do srub every day because it can make skin irritation.

Cleansing Mask
Use a mask cleanser (cleansing mask) face two times a week in order to clean up. Cleansing mask function to get rid of dead skin and dirt that can not be cleaned with ordinary soap or cleanser lotion.

“Cleansing mask also helps eliminate dullness and absorb excess oil. So skin feels fresh and clean down to the pores,” added Bharti.

After using a moisturizer or day cream, do not forget to use sunblock. Sunblock can not make your face be bright, but it can prevent the onset of skin darkening and dark spots caused by the sun. Use a sunblock with a minimum SPF 15.

Night Cream
Facials are not just up in the morning, at night no need facial treatments. Air conditioner scrape the skin moisture, so use night cream is very important to keep your skin hydrated. In order to face a brighter, use a night cream that contains such luminaries AHA and Vitamin C.

Husband-Wife Named So that’s Youngest Couple Marriage Reached Gold

Quite often, many people doubted that young married couples can have a long-lasting marriage. This is due to an immature way of thinking and readiness status of husband and wife bears. But this does not apply to couples Hendley Shirley and her husband Frank. They got married at the age of 16 years old and still looks tenderly until now.

In fact, recently celebrated their wedding anniversary is the 50th. And was named the youngest partner reaches golden wedding anniversary in the UK. The couple married in 1963, after knowing Shirley was pregnant when she was 16 years old. At that time Frank was 19 years old.

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Maid of Honor’s Easy Guide to Planning a Hen Party

Being a maid of honor can be a tricky business, and when it comes to organizing your best friend’s “Last Night of Freedom” then there is a lot of pressure. With the help of the other bridesmaids and this simple guide however, you can’t go wrong.

Guest List

The guest list is one of the most important aspects of organizing a hen/bachelorette party. Make sure that the bride’s best friends are all present and ask the bride if she wants her mum, aunties, grandmothers(!) to be involved too. Many brides will want a separate night out with family members e.g. spa day, sophisticated meal so that they can really let loose on their night out. Let everyone know when the hen night is well in advance so that they can put it in their diaries.


Fancy dress seems to play a huge role in many bachelorette parties, so make sure that if you are planning a theme, fancy dress or not, tell the other guests so that they can get prepared early. Popular themes include burlesque/Moulin Rouge, Disney, Grease, sailors or cowboys. Decorate venues accordingly and maybe plan themed food and cocktails! Continue reading “Maid of Honor’s Easy Guide to Planning a Hen Party”

4 Reasons To Not Trapped Love Relationship End-connect

Today parting and regret, soon back together like never happened farewell. Perhaps this is often seen or even you’re going through. Before you get stuck in a pattern of unhealthy relationships with the former, you should start thinking. Summary of Female First website below will help you explore the reasons, why the relationship broke up-connect is not good.

1. Being already Patterns in Relationships
When you are in the middle of a dilemma like to go back to his ex after some time apart, ask yourself this. Why this pattern continue? Are you always be the cause? Or caused you both are easy to change opinions? If you feel perfect when together, break-connect is not a natural thing. You feel hurt when separated, but continue to come back and feel anxious for the next separation. When you and your partner keep going with the pattern of this relationship, you would think, separation is trivial. And can easily be retrieved, which makes the relationship no longer valued.

2. Will not Lonely
Encountered many cases, the reason couples break up-because they do not want to connect lonely and was in a comfort zone. Back to the former meaning, you do not need to adapt to each other with a new man. In the midst of solitude, you or your partner will begin to contact each other again. They forget and make the condition as if it had never been a big thing that triggers separation. It is a form of self-denial, even though you know this relationship will run in the same pattern. Remember, relationships that have been damaged will not be perfect as though it was the beginning of a relationship back together.

3. Talk
The best thing you can do to cope with this kind of relationship is communication. Talk to the couple why it continues to happen. Ask also what you and your partner feel about this relationship. Is a serious relationship that will continue until the wedding or just a relationship because both do not have a replacement. Try to be honest and know the reason why the relationship has not been established.

4. Make Decisions
When you and your partner already know the reason for unhealthy relationship, then make a decision. If you feel you can fix it, it will continue to commit it. Do not make decisions easily parted, and accept the risk. Because there will be no more chance afterwards. But if the relationship is not likely to be repaired, accept it and do not push. Or you will continue to ache later.