4 Mistakes When Acne Skin Care

Acne does interfere with the overall appearance. Many people who perform a variety of treatments to tackle acne, but if you really want your treatment for this is correct?

Many women are wrong in treating the skin. Instead of a smooth face, but more and more acne. Quoted from becomegorgeous, following the four most common mistakes made when caring for acne prone skin.

1. Squeezing Pimples
When inflamed pimples, squeezing with any tool is not recommended. In addition to making acne infection, can also leave stains and scarring after a recovered later. Squeeze acne, especially using unhygienic hands actually make the bacteria spread faster and acne is greatly increased.

Soothe inflamed acne with glaze ice cubes, then apply a gel or gel spot remover acne on a regular basis. When acne is very severe, you should enlist the help of a dermatologist.

2. Using Various Care Products
Normally to cure acne quickly, we tend to try a variety of products. When the product purchased never showed the results, we will switch to another product and so on, and so on.

Keep in mind, get rid of acne once and need patience and diligence. Acne does not disappear in just one or two months. Frequently changing products because not satisfied with previous products, can be harmful to the skin.

Skin needs time to adapt to the ingredients of the products used. Replace the product too often, will make the skin trouble adapting to the new product formula so that it worsens acne.

To get the right product, familiarize yourself with the right kind of skin, and the possibility of allergic reactions to certain ingredients. It would be better if you consult with a dermatologist.

3. Washing your face too often
Many special permbersih products that promise acne prone skin can help eliminate acne. This causes consumers to clean their faces more often, with the hope of acne can quickly be lost.

This action is clearly wrong. Acne is not only caused by dust and dirt. But hormones or improper use of the product. So, wash your face too often is not much help cleaning acne. Conversely, excessive cleansing will only make the acne worse.

Clean your face with a gentle facial foam formula, a maximum of three times a day. Do not forget to apply moisturizer afterwards.

4. Do not Know Gynecology Care Products
One of the acne skin care mistakes, we tend to only see the ‘promise’ is written on the product packaging regardless of the ingredients. Character types and different skins. To get the right products, you should know the types of new skins determine the correct product.

For oily face, choose a moisturizer labeled ‘oil-free’ with texture lotion or gel, not cream. So is the use of sunscreen.

As for dry but acne prone skin, avoid lotions, toners or acne medications that contain alcohol. Choose a gentle cleanser and light moisturizer formula that is safe for sensitive skin.