8 Signs Make Up Hazardous to Health

Did you ever feel that the wrong use of cosmetics? If so, do not ignore your feelings are. Using makeup that does not fit can cause serious illness and affect the health and beauty.

So, how do I know? Consider the eight signs that cosmetics are used does not match your skin so it can be harmful to health.

1. Skin Irritation
Skin irritation is the most easily recognized symptom when you are using the wrong makeup. One of the beauty products that often make the skin become irritated is perfume. This fragrance can cause problems in a fairly sensitive skin. Therefore, avoid using perfume for a while if your skin becomes irritated.

2. Itchy eyes
Red or itchy eyes due to wearing makeup indicates that you are not fit to use such cosmetics. Generally, women who experience irritation of the eyes due to using products that have expired. You also need to avoid the use of tester when buying cosmetic products. In addition, note the date of end of its life.

3. Looks Dull Skin
If after wearing makeup your skin even becomes dull, then makeup is applied to the skin does not fit. Typically, foundation or powder may cause dark skin looks like being sick. If you use powder or other makeup in powder form, avoid putting it in a humid and hot. Better to put it in the cold room temperature.

4. Unstable emotions
Other symptoms that result from incorrect use of makeup is a sense of emotion becomes stabli. It might sound strange, but believe that the mercury in cosmetics can cause all sorts of strange symptoms are quite dangerous. For that, make sure you know the ingredients in cosmetics before applying.

5. Loss of hair
If hair started falling out, maybe it’s a sign you apply any makeup. Especially if the hair loss along with other signs that have been mentioned previously. Not a little of the beauty products that contain harmful dyes and metal so you should check back the content you want to use cosmetics.

6. Loss of Memory
Memory failure can be caused by mercury or other metals that are found in the content of various beauty products. Metals in makeup can lead to a lifelong disorder with physical disabilities.

7. Headache
Makeup that does not fit well can cause headaches and vertigo. This is related to mercury and metals in cosmetics. Before buying, you should pay attention to the ingredients contained in them to prevent the serious disease.

8. Depression
Adverse effects from the use of make-up mistakes is depression and excessive anxiety. That is because the metal is present in beauty products. Some cosmetic companies deny that the metal contained in their products is very low. However, wearing makeup that contains no metal remains safe when used in the long term.