Create an Ad-Touch, Video Dove 6.5 Million Watched Times In 3 Days

Dove beauty products has just released a campaign ad that women are more confident with their beauty. Ads that are now popular enough to touch it on You Tube. In just three days the ad has been watched 6.5 million times.

When the news was made Attendance ads Dove ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ that has reached more than nine million. As quoted by Female First, the video is so popular, to the extent that a second video after the most watched video new single Psy, ‘Gentleman’.

The Dove ad featured a number of women who come into a room. Inside the room is no ordinary painter sketch served in the police named Gil Zamora. The woman who came was asked to sit in a chair near Gil. There is a limit tira which they so Gil and woman staring at each other or can not meet face. Gil then ask every woman who comes to describing what their face shape and hair in detail. Of explanation that he made the sketches.

In other scenes are shown there are a number of other people came into the room again. People who come are then asked to describe a woman who had just seen before. Gil returned sketch of another person’s explanation.

Two sketches were produced Gil of every woman in the Dove video. The first sketch of her portrayal result itself looks very different from the second sketch. In the second sketch is a depiction of the results of ‘foreigners’, women become more attractive. Shortcomings described every woman when asked Gil tells of his face does not seem to look in the second sketch.

“When I was asked to be a part of this film for Dove, I could never imagine how different the two sketches,” said Gil.

According to Gil he sketches the women who self-images have the wrong perception about themselves. The women underestimate their self beauty and it affects the life lived.

Based Dove record, only 4% of women around the world who call themselves beautiful. Reflecting on the results of the research, through the campaign ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ brand which is known for its shampoo and soap that tries to invite every woman to be more confident with the natural beauty possessed.