Fabulous! In 6 Women Better Than Men It Is

Kartini was the inspiration for the women ahead of men and has a role in every aspect of life. In fact, according to some research it could be superior to women than men. In terms of what women are better than men.

Here are the results of exposure to a variety of research on women as quoted Cosmpolitan advantages:

1. Handwriting
Women have a better ability in writing affairs than men. This happens already from when they are small when learning to write letters of the alphabet. Nerve fibers in the brain controls motor skills are not as good as men that women have. At that time girls learn better handwriting than boys.

2. Aware of Eating Healthy
University of Minnesota conducted a survey of more than 14 thousand people revealed that women prefer to maintain their health by eating healthy foods than men. When men choose cold pizza in the fridge, women prefer fruits that have more nutritional value and low in calories.

3. Faster Learning
Research conducted Goegia University and Columbia University found that more women than men studying cepa. That’s because women basically have the ability to further develop his mind. According to research women are more attentive, flexible and organized. So at work, women are more easily understand a given task than her male colleagues.

4. More Smart
Research based on IQ tests from different parts of the world, women have a higher IQ than men. The research was conducted by James Flynn who examined IQ range of people in the world ranging from the USA, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, and Estonia. Of research known female IQ is above average.

5. More Impressive At Job Interview

A research conducted by the University of Western Ontario reveals women are more able to cope with stress during a job interview. The study found that although women are more panic while preparing for an interview, when the D-day we are even more impressive than the male interviewer. It was of course because women are more prepared than men.

6. Better Body Immunity
Research conducted at McGill University noticed that women have a better immune system than men. That’s because the hormone estrogen in the body can fight the infection making her stronger. In no particular enzyme hormone estrogen which is the body’s first protection when attacked by bacteria and viruses. Better immunity makes women live longer than men. Approximately 85% of people older than 100 years are women.