Got a Black Spots on Face? Make-up Disguise with It

Exposure to sunlight and pollution can cause black spots on the face. It is a frequent problem faced by Indonesian women. Many are willing issuing a lot of money for treatment.

Unfortunately, the process takes time to achieve results that cool. If you want instant results because they have to attend important events, make-up is a way out. Consider the choice of makeup can hide the black spots below.

Make-up Primer
Applying make-up primer or peach based to cover the dark spots on your face, no matter how dark the area. Look for dimethicone based  because it serves to moisturize and prevent Irritation of the skin. Based very useful addition to camouflage pores and scars.

Foundation that will help you balance the right skin tone and conceal dark spots on the face. Choose a foundation with silica powder because it can brighten dark sections with many minerals contained therein.

Concealer with hyaluronic acid component, glycerin, vitamin E antoiksidan and will cover the dark spots on your face perfectly. Additionally concealer can soften and moisturize your skin.

Tinted moisturizer
If you are quite busy so did not have time to put on the stages of make-up, wear a tinted moisturizer. Look for a moisturizer that contains vitamin C and E that in addition to covering the black stains but are also useful for rejuvenating the skin.