Insights Umrah Worship

Understanding Umrah

Umrah is one of worship by Muslims in order to draw closer to Allah SWT. Umrah is a worship done by a pilgrimage or to visit the holy land (Mecca), as well as the hajj. However, unlike Umrah pilgrimage. Worship Umrah can be said to be shorter and lighter than the pilgrimage.

Therefore, the Umrah is also called hajjul ashghar or minor pilgrimage. By conducting worship Umrah, one can obtain forgiveness from Allah. It is mentioned in an authentic hadith that comes from the words of the Prophet. following.

“Work in a row between the Umrah pilgrimage, for verily they can remove poverty and sins, as for instance iron blacksmith removing dirt, grime gold and silver.” (Tirmidhi)
Implementation Time Umrah

The timing of the worship unlike Umrah pilgrimage. In worship Umrah, there is no provision timeframe. Every Muslim can perform Umrah at any time. However, it would be afdol when to worship Umrah during Ramadan. This is because, the month of Ramadan is a month full of blessings and forgiveness.
Pillars Umrah

Pillars Umrah (minor pilgrimage) is not much different from the pillars of Hajj. However, the difference is in harmony umrah is not accompanied by a Standing at Arafat.

1. Ihram from Miqat

Ihram is the intention to perform Umrah worship. This coupled with the intention to go to Miqat to clean up, such as ablution, great shower, and put on Ihram garments for men. Meanwhile, the women are wearing clothes that cover the aurat. Lafazh intention of Umrah is “Labbaik Allahuma Umrotan”.

2. Tawaf

Tawaf is activity around the Kaaba seven times as many rounds. No special prayer when doing tawaf. Performed Tawaf of ihram after circumcision Miqat and pray two rak’ahs. There are a few things you should consider in doing tawaf, among others, as follows.

Purification is a legitimate Sharh perform tawaf. If you ablution void in the middle of doing tawaf, immediately ablution, and then repeat the tawaf from scratch.

If you are tired, allowed to sit for a while and drink.

If you are in doubt about round numbers, use numbers that you believe less. For example, when you doubt already doing tawaf three rounds or four rounds. Instead, you believe that you have done tawaf three rounds. This is because, if the amount of rotation is more it is allowed, but if the less it will reduce your reward in doing tawaf.

3. Sa’i

Sa’i means doing activities with jog between Safa and Marwah hills near Mecca. Sa’i also performed a total of seven times round.

In doing sa’i, there are some ethics that you should consider, among others, as follows.

Sa’i Exit through the door safa, you are required to read the word of God in Sura al-Baqarah verse 158 which reads:

“Indeed Safa and Marwah are some of the symbols of Allah. Whoever pilgrimage to the House or berumrah, then there is no blame on him doing sa’i between the two. And whoever is doing a virtue with pleasure had, then surely Allah is Grateful for kindness, Knowing. ”

For those of you who will be working in a state of purity sa’i should, where possible. However, if you do not perform ablution before performing sa’i menstruating or are still allowed, but the reward is reduced.

Sa’i should be done with a quick walk (trot), but for those who are not allowed for the strong as usual.

Sa’i should be done while multiplying dhikr and prayer. It is based on the word Rasullullah saw, namely:

“Truly be throwing Jumrah and sa’i between Safa and Marwah to enforce remembrance of Allah”.

For those of you who bersa’i should keep sight of all the things that are forbidden, and prevent oral dirty words away. This is because, it will reduce your reward in doing sa’i.

For those of you who bersa’i, never hurt another person’s bersa’i or simply passing by, either by words or deeds.

Actually sa’i done to make mankind to be humble, to change bad behavior, and purify the soul.
4. Tahallul

Tahallul was cut a few pieces of hair or shave. A woman should not cut the hair at least along the finger from the tip of her hair. Meanwhile, for men disunahkan to shave off her hair or shorten it.
When Prohibition Umrah

What is prohibited when doing umrah (minor pilgrimage)? Here are the things that should be avoided when performing umrah during ihram.

1. Using Fragrances

For those of you who do worship Umrah are not allowed to wear fragrances, including soap. This is because, the smell of perfume can invite one’s desire to have sex. If intercourse took place, it will damage the ihramnya.

2. Husband and Wife Doing Relations

In doing worship Umrah, one is not only trained to increase their faith, but also keeping desires. Lust anger here is not just lust, but lust as well. Thus, in performing Umrah worship forbidden sex, to preserve the sanctity of worship.

3. Meat Eating Animals Hurry

For a mahram forbidden to eat game meat as haraam. Haram is meant here is haram when hunting alone or help people who hunt these animals. For an ihram who eat bushmeat will get a fine. Fines are meant to replace animals in balance with prey animal that has been killed.

However, if a mahram accidentally kill the prey animal is due to forgetfulness or mistake, it will not be fined. This is because, the fine is only given to those who deliberately take the game meat.

4. Killing Animals Hurry or Damaging Crops

This prohibition is intended to foster a sense of caring human beings to other living creatures, both animals and plants. This is because, animals and plants, including God’s creation as well. Therefore, for those of you who do worship Umrah should always keep the hands, so as not to damage the plants and kill game.

5. Wearing clothes seamless (for Men)

For men who are not allowed to perform Umrah worship wearing seamless. It is based on a hadith that says:

“People who are berihram should not wear clothes, pants, robes and headgear having khuf (leather socks). But if he does not have a pair of slippers, then he should wear khuf lower than the ankles. “(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

Bukhari and Muslim from the hadith can be concluded that men are not allowed to wear clothes berihram seamless. Here the point is seamless clothing sewn fabric conforms to the shape of the body. That way, for men who berihram only allowed to wrap the fabric on her dress instead.

6. Wearing Perfume

Ban the use of perfume has been described in no.1.

7. Wearing Khuff

Use of Khuff (socks or shoes that cover the ankle) is not allowed for women and men. However, it is permissible to wear sandals.

8. Perform Covenant of Marriage

Actually in al-Quran ceremony explained that in performing Umrah worship is allowed, provided it is not intercourse. However, in reality couples who are married to engage in sexual intercourse must not wait because they are halal. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, umrah ceremony in worship is not allowed.

9. Cutting Nails

The ban was based cutting nails with a ban menganalogikannya haircut. However, if your nails break and disrupt worship Umrah, it is allowed.

10. Shaving or revoke Fur / Hair

Shave fur or hair on the entire body, without any reason is not allowed. Well just shave it all or in part.

A few articles on umrah or minor pilgrimage. Hopefully worthwhile for the readers.