Make-up Application Tricks For The Dark Skin For More Fresh Faces

Has dark skin does not mean there can look beautiful and attractive. See Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Rihanna or Jessica Alba is still looking fresh despite not having white skin type.

The right make-up can make dark skin look more glowy, exotic and fresh. Follow make-up application tips below to your dark-skinned.

1. Foundation
Use a foundation with the colors of the younger levels of your skin. Do not ever think to whiten your skin by wearing
foundation that is too light. It actually makes you like wearing a mask. Finish by applying powder.

2. Consider Cosmetics Containing Oil
If your skin is dark, use a matte foundation because it does not contain oil so it does not make your face ‘shiny’. Dark skin and shiny even make your face look dull.

3. Choose Lipstick Color for Concentrated
For those of you who have tanned skin, choose lipstick shades of cinnamon, dusty pink, or dark peach. If your skin is darker, burgundy, plum, or bronze could be an alternative option.

4. Blush-on
Do not be afraid to daub blush. Choice of a suitable color for the exotic skin is orange, peach or purplish brown. Little sweep of bronzer on cheekbones, nose and forehead will make your exotic skin looks radiant.