NASA Funds to Provide Food Production 3D Printer

NASA recently announced that it has funded the construction of a 3D food printer is the first in the world. This step is done to provide the best nutritional solution for the astronauts in outer space and the problem of hunger in the world.

NASA gave $ 125,000 to the firm 3D Printer Systems and Materials Research Corporation (SMRC) for universal food synthesizer. People who managed to build this printer is Anjan Contractor, as the founder of SMRC.

NASA investment is done because the 3D food printer is considered as a solution to transport large amounts of nutrients into space. But, according to Anjan, the machine can also be very useful to help solve the problem of world food crisis.

“Many economists think that the current food system will not be sufficient to meet the food needs of 12 million people in the world. So eventually we did have to change the perception of what we see as the food, “said Anjan.

Some argue that designs can be developed standard kitchen appliances in homes. So that the family can just print their food rather than waste time trying to make a dish.

The printer prints a dish using the ‘ink’ which consisted of powder and oils that contain all the nutrients needed for a healthy diet. The food ingredients sprayed to form several layers that eventually form a three-dimensional food.

Anjan add the contents of ‘ink’ the printers will not expire within a period of 30 years. Can only be recharged when the time is completely depleted. Once the engine proved to be fully operational, Anjan will test the machine to make pizza.

“The pizza dough is printed first, then basic tomato sauce, followed by topping a layer of protein,” added Anjan.