Success Tips perform Haj and Umrah

Every Muslim in the world who miss the closeness with God, surely longed to be able to perform the pilgrimage, or umrah at least worship. With the Hajj is the Muslim Ummah has completed the full Islamic pillar.

As explained above, the Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam contained in the authentic hadith. In this hadith explains that the Hajj is obligatory pillars of Islam that is done for people who are able. People are able to afford in the event encompasses the material and carnal. Even described in a hadith that:

“Muhammad Rasulullah SAW said: Who owns the stock and vehicles, which can be brought to the Baitul Haram, but did not carry out Hajj, then he will die as a Jew or a Christian” (Tirmidhi and Bayhaqi).

From the hadith about the pilgrimage over, really lucky people who can perform the last pillar of Islam. This is because not everyone is given the opportunity and glory by Allah to perform Hajj or Umrah.

Even people who can afford a pilgrimage, but not everyone can be given the opportunity to come over and meet in the house of Allah.

Once firmly Prophet SAW said that those who are able but do not perform hajj then the threat is not to die as a Muslim. This being an afterthought for us all to strive yourself to be able to visit the house of Allah and run the five pillars of Islam.

In practice, this service is not easy. There are many things you need to prepare carefully planned and smoothly and that your worship Mabrur. To that end, here are some tips that can be used as a guide in order to successfully perform the pilgrimage or Umrah;

1. Searching for information

Before you leave for the Holy Land, the first thing you need to do is find out as much. Information you need to know them on a travel agent who provides a good service for departure of Hajj, the hotel that suits your budget and your time of worship that should you live, the weather conditions in the holy land, and other facilities related to your accommodation while in the holy land.

This information can assist you in performing the pilgrimage. If necessary, you can create a list or a list of the information that you need to perform hajj or umrah to not forget.

2. Mental Preparation

Before we perform the pilgrimage to the holy land, it would be nice if you are trying to purify the heart from all errors and liver disease over the years. Preparation is the main thing to do for a pilgrim.

Cleanse our hearts of sin and guilt directly to Allah or fellow human beings is a basic preparation in performing the pilgrimage.

Intend worship solely for the pleasure of God’s hope. This preparation will be useful when we follow the whole series of worship that requires patience, sincerity, and resignation to Allah Ta’ala.

Mental preparation to be a very first thing prepared in order to perform hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca runs smoothly. This is because the mental preparation will impact on the implementation of the pilgrimage in the holy land.

3. Physical Preparation

At the time of Hajj or Umrah, absolute physical condition to be noticed. There will be a series of activities should you perform, not to mention the different weather conditions.

If the condition of your body strong, God willing, you will be able to go through all of the activities during the Hajj or Umrah in progress. Physical preparation can include:

Consumption of fruit and drink water as much as possible so you avoid dehydration. Also avoid beverages like tea and coffee. If necessary, you can also take vitamins.

Exercising enough to train the body to be more fit. Also, make sure you get meningitis vaccinations to prevent the disease, a type of malignancy that attacks the lining of the brain and can lead to death.

Try to sleep enough during the flight.

Physical preparation is preparation that should be considered carefully. This is because the weather is different from advertising in Mecca climate in Indonesia. So that the necessary preparation and a strong endurance for those who perform hajj at the Baitul Haram.

4. Preparation costs

It is certainly not less important preparation. Make sure you prepare riyal banknotes in the form of coins, such as 1 riyal, 5 riyals, or 10 riyals. It would need the money to tip.

Fraction of this money you can also use as money to give alms and so forth. However, giving alms to beggars there are not recommended. This is because, beggars would act much if we do not give alms to them.

Make sure you also take into account allowances for grocery shopping souvenirs and so forth because of course these activities fall into your empty schedule when in the Holy Land.

However, the tendency of Indonesian pilgrims were “crazy” spending makes most people forget the obligatory prayer is to be held in Mecca. It is better if each congregation be wise to shop around and be conscientious shopping. This is because Indonesia bannyak items are also sold in the Holy Land.

5. Preparation logistics

In addition to preparing mentally, physically, and cost, other preparation is no less important is the logistical preparations. Logistical preparation is preparation for the personal equipment needed. Logistical preparations include the need for items such as the following:

Facial moisturizer, lotion, and lip balm. This is to overcome the skin from drying out due to the weather there.

P3K sparingly, such as eucalyptus oil, plaster, upset stomach, and so on.

Enough clothes, not too much.

Do not forget to set up personal medicines, if you are suffering from certain diseases.

Complete your equipment also tote or backpack. This bag will you feel the benefits when doing a series of worship during the holy land.

Do not forget to bring a book of religion or prayer book and recitation.

Small but important thing is to bring bottled drinks that have a strap for shoulder or draped around the neck. This bottle handy to carry zam-zam water, so you are not thirsty.

Preparation of logistics is becoming a matter that can not be ignored. Logistics supplies to the purposes of which are generally to be complementary needs in running your pilgrimage.

Preparation in the pilgrimage to Mecca is considered very necessary, considering the pilgrimage circuit takes time, energy, and great cost in order to make the pilgrimage to run smoothly.

Finally, the other thing to watch is to be careful and always be vigilant when in the Holy Land. Crime does not only exist in certain areas, crime can happen anywhere, including crimes in the Holy Land.

Crimes often occur due to carelessness by the pilgrims. Many of the crimes committed in the Holy Land, such as pickpocketing, theft, extortion, kidnapping, and so forth.

Therefore, you should not travel alone over there. Invite some friends if you want to go somewhere. In the Holy Land there are many thieves who are always ready to take the property when your guard down!

Finally, the article discusses the tips in performing this pilgrimage, you may actually be able to prepare better and return to their homeland safely and get Mabrur pilgrimage.