What to Do & Avoid to Keep Eyes Healthy

Too long staring at computer screens, TVs and cell phones can cause strain on the eyes. If you do not rest your eyes and lack of nutrition, the eye can lose its ability to see well.


There are several ways you can do to improve eye health. Ie with a diet and a healthy lifestyle. Important things to do and avoid:

1. Complete Nutrition
Vision will get better if you eat a healthy and balanced nutrition. Inadequate intake of protein, vitamins and minerals every day which is present in vegetables and fruits. Spinach, carrots and tomatoes are some good types of vegetables consumed. As for the healthy protein, you can get from nuts or fish.

2. Leave Bad Habits
Some bad habits can create eye strain and reduce visibility. Avoid reading in low light places. Should not watch TV while lying down and in the dark room. Get used to not stare at the phone screen in the dark because it will make the eyes work harder to adapt to bright light.

3. Do not Drink Too Much Water in the Morning
Dr.. Bharti explained, “The second mistake most people do is drink a lot of water in the morning, because a lot written in the book can cleanse the digestive system.”

But drinking too much water at once can increase the strain on the eyes and if done continuously will increase the risk of glaucoma (blindness slowly). Enough to drink a glass of water in the morning and drink it mouthful by mouthful. Not all at once.

4. Use Eyeliner
Be careful in using eyeliner. Eyeliner should only be used outside the line of the eye, not the inside. This is to avoid eye infection if the tip eyeliner unhygienic. Therefore always keep the cleanliness of your makeup tools. Clean the tip eyeliner with tisue, or the look on a regular basis if your eyeliner pencil shaped.

5. Do not Clean Eye with Ordinary Water
When washing the face, usually you will also splashed water on his eyes. Stop the habit of now. Tap water or ground water may contain bacteria that can enter the eye when you clean your face. This can cause irritation. Close your eyes while washing your face with water, unless you are using a mineral water that has been sterilized.